Ronceverte Charge of the United Methodist Church: Elizabeth Chapel & Trinity
Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Trinity Worship Bulletin

                                    TRINITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH

                                                      March 26, 2023

                                                  Fifth Sunday in Lent


PRELUDE                                                                                                   Pianist




INTROIT                     “Surely the Presence of the Lord”                        No. 328                                                    


*HYMN                         “Stand Up and Bless the Lord”                          No. 662


CALL TO CONFESSION                                                                          Leader


 PRAYER OF CONFESSION                                                                    Unison

  Gracious God, we come before you this day confessing that we have not

  been faithful to you in all areas of our lives.  We have failed to show our

  love to you as we ought.  We have failed to journey with Jesus as he has

  endured rejection and shame by his enemies.  We have rejoiced in the

  safety of our surroundings and not opened our hearts in support of him. 

  Forgive our sinful ways and free us to be better disciples.  Amen.




THE LORD’S PRAYER                                                                             Unison 


JOYS AND CONCERNS                                                                            By All


PASTORAL PRAYER                                                                                 Pastor


VOCAL MUSIC            “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus”                Trinity Singers   




   Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.  Little ones

   to him belong, they are weak, but he is strong.  Yes, Jesus loves me;

   yes, Jesus loves me; yes, Jesus loves me; the Bible tells me so.




OFFERING OF OUR GIFTS                                                                      By All


*DOXOLOGY                                                                                             No. 95


*HYMN                            “Sweet Hour of Prayer”                                   No. 496


*OLD TESTAMENT READING                                                 Ezekiel 37:1-14 


SERMON                          “Is New Life Possible?”                              Dr. Geiger 


PRAYER OF RESPONSE                                                                          Unison

  O God, we know that with you all things are possible.  Just as you

  reassured the Israelites of that long ago, you want us to know that

  now.  By the power of your Spirit, give us hope and assurance.  We

  commit ourselves to do our part.  Amen. 


*HYMN                                     “Are Ye Able”                                        No. 530 




*POSTLUDE                                                                                               Pianist

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

*Indicates standing if physically able


Pianist; Barry Morgan

Power Point Operator; Randy Dolan

Opportunities and Announcements

Vivian Reed would love to hear from her church folks at Trinity, whether it’s a phone call or simply sending her a card.  Her phone number is 304-645-1518 and her address is 239 Aurora Drive, Lewisburg WV  24901.

For those wanting to be part of Trinity’s Prayer Chain and those that want to continue to be part of Trinity’s Prayer Chain, please get the prayer chain form it or call the church office by tomorrow.  We have 5 signed up so far.

The next time Trinity is to provide the Shepherd’s Center “Gwen’s Meals” will be Wednesday, April 12.  If you are willing to provide food or to volunteer to help get the food ready and put in to-go boxes, please let Terri Johnson know (304.646.1366).

Trinity United Methodist Women will meet Tuesday, April 11, at 2pm.

Elizabeth Chapel will again have an Easter Sunrise Service April 9 at 6:30am.  Breakfast prepared by the men of the church will be served after the Sunrise Service.


Attendance Last Week: 31      Sunday School Last Week:  5      Giving Last Week: $660.00   Building Fund:  $245.00            Building Emergency Fund:  $70.00


Today             9:30am           Sunday School

11:00am         Worship

Thursday       6:30pm           Yoga


Birthdays this coming week:

March 25-Joanne Cohernour, Scott Harris

March 26-Zoe Baker, Hayley Cornwell

March 28-Kinsey Morgan

March 29-Kathy Bailey; 29-Kacie Evans; George Simms

March 30-Brandon Boothe, Orien Cosgro

March 31-Tammy Altizer, Eddie Bostic

April 1-Aneliese Francine Adkins

April 2-Doris Smith


Anniversaries this coming week:  None

Dr. Joseph Geiger, pastor:  304.645.6339 or 304.992.5901


Church Office: 304-647-4504

Trinity’s Prayer List

Henry Hanson                                    Vance Sampson                                Kathy McMillion                                              

Terry McClung                                   Billy Workman                                   Joan Brown                       

Katie McNeely                                   Marcy Carpenter                              Matthew Osborne          

Rocky White                                       Pastor Sharon Howard                   Steven Harris                                     

Jack Howard                                       Christopher Mann

Military:  Charles Eary and 304th Military Police Unit (deployed to Middle East)

 (**Please note that a name will stay on for 3 weeks so if there is someone that needs to remain on the list or someone to add please call the church office at 304-647-4504.)

Brookdale, Staunton:  Carmen Buster

The Seasons Place:  Carol Creasman, Becky Longanacre

Stonerise (The Brier):  Bill & Rosalie Arbaugh, Mazie Cole

Greenbrier Healthcare Center (Greenbrier Manor):  Diane Sharp-Keys, Peggy Mills

Allegheny Health & Rehab:  Joanne Cohernour

Genesis-White Sulphur Springs:  Wayne King



Flower Cup Form

(due March 31)

Name of Donor:__________________________Phone:_________________

Church the flower cup is for:  _____________Elizabeth Chapel


Flower Cup is donated:  _____ X $20 in honor of__________________________

                                     _____X $20 in memory of_______________________

                                     ____X $20 for the glory of God

 After April 16:

                                    __________Please leave flower cups for the church for next year

                                    __________I will pick up the flower cups


                                                            Total Amount Enclosed: $______________