Elizabeth Chapel Bulletin

March 17, 2024                                                                          Fifth Sunday of Lent

Restrooms are located in the Fellowship Hall and downstairs across from the kitchen.


“+” Indicates that you are invited to stand


Prelude                                                       Pianist

Welcome and Announcements                                            

+Call To Worship:                                     

Leader:    Lenten travelers, how long have you traveled this road with your gaze pointed down at the dust and gravel and asphalt as you walk or limp or roll  down the path?

People:   Sometimes it is easier to look at the road than at the people who share the journey with us.

Leader:    Lift up your heads! Look, listen, reach out a hand. Who are your neighbors on this road?

People:   We lift our heads and look to our Savior who journeys with us and helps us notice our neighbors all around us.

Leader:    This is the Lenten journey—to learn to love God and love our neighbors just as Jesus showed us.

People:    Our journey teaches us to lose our lives to God as we find and follow Christ in our service to others.

Leader:    Come, let us worship God who caravans with us on this road to the cross.

People:    Come, let us worship! Amen.

+Opening Prayer (in unison):  

We crowd our lives with so much activity that it
is hard to find time for you. We become so focused on ourselves, we can
overlook those around us who are searching for hope. We fill our spiritual
emptiness with junk, rather than feasting on your Word.  Forgive us. Open
our eyes, that we may see your new covenant written in plain sight on our
hearts. Open our hearts, that we may join you in serving the broken of the
world. Open our love, so we may pour it out as abundantly and graciously as
your love is given to us in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Amen.

Sharing the Love of Christ

+Hymn #191                              “Jesus Loves Me                                              

Moment with Children & Youth                                                         
              (Congregation will sing “Jesus Loves Me” as the children gather)

Pennies for Jesus (This goes to purchase items for the Organ Cave Blessing Box and Lending Library.)

Offertory Prayer

Offering                (Giving of Ourselves and Our Gifts to God)

+Doxology            “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow” (UMH 95)

                                      Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below;                                                                          Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Praises and Prayer Concerns

Pastoral Prayer

+Hymn #189                          “Fairest Lord Jesus”

Prayer of Illumination: “O God of Grace
and Glory, reveal to us the truth of Your Holy Word as we read, proclaim, and
meditate upon what you are saying to us today, in Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen!”

Scriptures                                                                    Psalm 51:1-12; Mark 8:34-38

The Message                            Losing to Win                        Pastor Sharon Howard

The Altar Call (The Alter is always open. Please feel free at any time to come forward for prayer.)

 +Closing Hymn #374              “Standing on the Promises

Benediction:  As you depart from this house of worship
please pass the peace for the love of Christ!!! 
(Fist bumps)


LECTIONARY THIS WEEK:           Jeremiah 31:31-34           Psalm 51:1-12          Hebrews 5:5-10                John 12:20-33



We will receive a special offering for the Ronceverte Food Pantry today. 


Don’t forget about the new 6-week no-homework Bible Study entitled “Living a Life of True Worship” by Kay Arthur, Bob & Diane Vereen that we started this past Wednesday.  If you need a book, let Deanna or Pastor Sharon know.  It’s not
too late to join the
new study.


Elizabeth Chapel’s Safety Team will meet this Tuesday, March 19th at 6pm.


On Easter Sunday, March 31, we will have our Son-rise Service at 6:30am, with breakfast prepared by the
men of the church afterwards.  We will NOT have our regular 9:15am service that morning.


The Ronceverte Ministerial Association is hosting Holy Week Services March 25-29 at 7pm each night.  On Monday it will be here at Elizabeth Chapel, Tuesday at Ronceverte First Church of God, Wednesday the service will be at Ronceverte Baptist; Maundy Thursday- Ronceverte Presbyterian for a Seder Meal.  Good Friday at St. Catherine’s of Siena for Stations of the Cross.

 Our Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday, March 30, 1:00pm at Organ Cave Community Center. 

 Great job on the Yard Sale!  We made $1,690.00.  That is awesome!

 The next Layette and Patient Care Packing is April 9, 6pm at the Organ Cave Community Center.

 Greeters for Mar 17 – Steve and Lisa Birkelbach Family

Greeters for Mar 24–Cheryl Baker and Kathleen Hylton


Worship Attendance:  25   Sunday School: 10     Worship Offering: $861.00

Easter flower cups:  $20   Yard Sale:  $1,690.00


Pastor’s email:     stretchwife@yahoo.com 


Today             9:15am           Worship

Tuesday         6:00pm           Safety Team Meeting

Wednesday   6:30pm           Bible Study

Thursday       6:30pm           Yoga at Trinity



Elizabeth Chapel’s Prayer List

Oretha Morgan         Aimee Baker              Katie McNeely           Danny Long   

Missy Burdette

(**Please note that a name will stay on for 3 weeks so if there is someone that needs to remain on the list or someone to add please call the church office at 304-647-4504.)

The Seasons Place:  Becky Longanacre

Seneca Trails Healthcare Center (Greenbrier Manor):  Henry Hanson, Peggy Mills, Rose Gragg

Allegheny Health & Rehab:  Joanne Cohernour   

Autumn Way-Rupert:  Carol Creasman


Birthdays this coming week:

March 17-William C. Fox; Jessica Morgan

March 18-Justin Martin,

March 19-Autumn Hylton, Kathi Judy, Bryan Fox; Kourtney Morgan

March 20-Robert Rodgers

March 21-Katie Knotts, B. J. Hefner, Juli Hunter, Howard Weikle, III

March 22- GeGe Roberts

March 23-Shawn Bucklen, Troy Clemons, Cathy Morris, Breanna Boswell


Anniversaries this coming week:   

March 21 – Mike & Sarah Estep