Haiti Ministries

As the airplane approached Port Au Prince, Haiti, you could see the tent cities shining white and tarp-blue in the tropical sun. You could also see the shells of houses and buildings, collapsed from the earthquake, gapping open toward the sky.
Our team of twelve from West Virginia entered the beleaguered city, supported by the prayers of many, loaded down with as much supplies as we could carry, and hopeful that in the name of Jesus we could make a difference.
And, indeed, to God’s glory, you helped us make a difference. After the January earthquake you partnered with us to minister to and with the people of Haiti. W all were partners with a loving God who has a heart for the people of Haiti.
Together we are providing a meal a day, the only meal they will get, for thirty orphans who live under tarps near their collapsed orphanage.
Together we were able to see 490 persons in our eyeglass clinics.
Together we are providing micro-loans through the Haitian Artists for Peace International (HAPI) that are helping Haitians help themselves.
Together we are helping the residents of a tent city gain access to health care.
Together we helped repair/reconstruct four homes in the Mizak community.
Together we are assisting a cholera clinic in saving lives.
Together we are building 25 homes for those who have been living in tents
Thank you for sharing the heart of God with Haiti!
Donations to our ministry in Haiti can be made to: Trinity United Methodist Church, 373 Pocahontas Ave. Ronceverte, WV 24970.
Check out our Haiti Missions website:  www.mountainstomountains.weebly.com