Prayer List

Elizabeth Chapel’s Prayer List

Pastor Sharon Howard                   Aimee Baker                                       Nikki Bennett                    

Jacqueline Dudley                           Katie McNeely                                   Billy Workman  

Valerie Boggs                                    Family of Mike Dolan

Trinity’s Prayer List

Terry Steele                                        Thomas Witt                                      Kathy McMillion                              

Billy Workman                                   Joan Brown                                        Katie McNeely                  

Marcy Carpenter                              Matthew Osborne                           Rocky White                                      

Jack Howard                                      Family of Bill Arbaugh                     Family of Mike Dolan

Family of Sandy Fox                        Family of Michael Palm

Military:  Charles Eary and 304th Military Police Unit (deployed to Middle East)

 (**Please note that a name will stay on for 3 weeks so if there is someone that needs to remain on the list or someone to add please call the church office at 304-647-4504.)


Brookdale, Staunton:  Carmen Buster

The Seasons Place:  Becky Longanacre

Stonerise (The Brier):  Rosalie Arbaugh, Mazie Cole

Greenbrier Healthcare Center (Greenbrier Manor):  Henry Hanson, Peggy Mills, Diane Sharp-Keys

Allegheny Health & Rehab:  Joanne Cohernour

Genesis-White Sulphur Springs:  Wayne King

Autumn Way-Rupert:  Carol Creasman