Prayer List

Elizabeth Chapel’s Prayer List

Family of Betsy Falls

Oretha Morgan         Aimee Baker              Katie McNeely           Shelby Wickline        

Danny Long                Missy Burdette          Baby Rhys Perrine     Stephanie Brown


Trinity’s Prayer List  

Rachel Moody                      Betty Mann                            Baby Rhys Perrine

Bonnie King                           Terry Steele                           Katie McNeely          

Matthew Osborne                Rocky White                          Benny Disibbio         

Danny Long                           Missy Burdette                      Unspoken Requests 

Terry Bumgardner               Gary Erskine                          Eddie Lester              


(**Please note that a name will stay on for 3 weeks so if there is someone that needs to remain on the list or someone to add please call the church office at 304-647-4504.) 

The Seasons Place: Becky Longanacre 

Seneca Trails Healthcare Center (Greenbrier Manor): Henry Hanson, Peggy Mills, Rose Gragg

Allegheny Health & Rehab: Joanne Cohernour 

Autumn Way-Rupert: Carol Creasman